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Warrandyte Uniting Church

Mosaic Peace Wall


  Leeanne Keam
Project Manager Peace Wall

Leeanne Keam
Maurie Curwood
Heather Ingram
Denise Keele-Bedford
Karen McIver
Carolyn Muellor
Rolf Muellor
Shelley Reynolds
Karen Sproat
Steve Wakefield
The Garden Plan

Dedication of the peace wall Sunday 3rd December 2006

A time for celebrating the achievements of this amazing project which has been shared by over 1000 people from local organisations, churches and interfaith groups!

At 10.15am we gave praise and thanks to God in worship, with preacher Rev Jason Kioa, who is the Moderator of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. After worship we moved to the site of the peace wall, where at 11.45am the wall was officially launched by the Mayor of Manningham Councillor Pat Young. Light refreshments were then made available in the hall, together with musical entertainment from the Bellbird Singers.

Dedication Photographs

Click here to view photographs of the wall preparation and tile making

About the Church

Warrandyte Uniting Church is set in landscaped gardens on the corner of Yarra St and Taroona Ave in Warrandyte. The Church building is architect designed and because of its architectural significance, there is a Manningham Council  Heritage Overlay on the building. Discussions were held with Manningham Council’s Heritage Advisor and the planning permit was obtained from the Council We will continue to liaise with the relevant staff in this area at the council as the project continues.

Our Vision

Warrandyte Uniting Church has a vision to create an area for reflection and peace around the church which would be open and welcoming to any community members.
We plan to offer programs and retreat days to enable visiting groups to reflect on issues of Peace around the theme “Peace with each other and Peace with the earth”
We believe that for many reasons, today, there is a need for communities to seek, create and build areas which encourage Peace. 
As the first stage of this area, we have constructed a community mosaic/tile Peace Wall on the front of the Church.

The Artists

  • We are fortunate to have wide-ranging artistic expertise within our church, but to ensure that the particular requirements of tiles and mosaic were catered for in our Peace Wall, that we involved and worked with the community and that the work produced was a work of artistic merit, we determined that we required the skills of a mix of artists.
  • We engaged the professional artistic services of Mary-Lou Pittard to work with our congregation and the Warrandyte community to create and build this Peace wall.

Mary-Lou grew up in Warrandyte (as a Liddell) and her family still lives here and remains very involved in Warrandyte life.

Mary-Lou’s area of expertise is in the ceramic, tile and mosaic fields and she has recently completed a mosaic/tile project at Eltham Nth Primary School. She has strong experience working collaboratively with community groups.

The combination of skills in our chosen medium and her background of working with local groups made Mary-Lou an ideal artist to work with us on this project.

  • Denise Keele-Bedford, one of Warrandyte Uniting Church’s congregation members, is a professional artist who has skills which are very relevant to our project. She has worked with School groups and, among other things, has tutored after school Children’s Creative Art Classes for the Manning ham City Council at Temples owe Arts Centre. She generously donated her time and talents to this project.
  • Another of our Warrandyte Uniting Church Members, Walter Magilton generously offered to prepare the design, provide artistic advice and workshop participation. Walter, a talented professional artist, has a very strong involvement with Warrandyte Uniting Church and worked with the congregation to design and create our wonderful stained glass window.
  • Warrandyte Uniting Church has a number of other artists in the congregation, whose contributions were sought and welcomed.

 The Process 

  • We aimed to have the highest involvement possible from Warrandyte Community Members. We saw this process as an opportunity for the children and/or adults involved to discuss various aspects of Peace.
  • The artists worked collaboratively to produce an overall design for the Peace Wall.
  • Through a number of workshops, children and community members created images and messages of peace on tiles which were fired and incorporated into the overall design. We worked with the artists to ensure that the process catered for different ages and capabilities so that all were involved.
  • We liaised with each community group to determine their on-going process for creating their tiles and provided help and advice as needed.
  • Community members were invited to assist in attaching the tiles to the design.
  • By following this process, the Peace Wall offers images, messages and the opportunity to reflect at a close range, and at the same time is an artwork that could be appreciated from a distance.
  • The Peace Wall offers a place for spiritual and peaceful reflection for many people.
  • Our maintenance plan will ensure the on-going sustainability of the Peace Wall. Coatings protect the tiles and reduce any effects from graffiti. Our structural and civil engineering resources contributed advice on finishes and maintenance and a yearly cleaning and maintenance program will be part of the process.


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