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Warrandyte Uniting Church  

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee has seven members at present and more are always welcome. The Church’s Care Circles are small, flexible groups of mutually caring people.  Each group has a contact person to facilitate communication and group activities.

Definition of Pastoral Care:
Pastoral care is offered on behalf of the church to members of the congregation.  It is care which seeks to bring healing and wholeness in the name of Christ and to offer practical assistance when required.

Aim of the Pastoral Care Committee:

To develop and maintain the Warrandyte Uniting Church as a caring community where people can experience the love of God.

Responsibilities of Pastoral Care Committee:

  • Together with the elders and minister, to be involved in the pastoral care of the congregation.

  •  To initiate discussion with the church council about pastoral care issues as they arise.

  • To review the Care Circles on a regular basis.

  • To remain informed about training opportunities that are available.

  • To ensure that there are good lines of communication in place between the Pastoral Care Committee and the congregation.

  • To ensure that newcomers are welcomed to worship and to the congregational life.

  • To make members of the congregation aware of the Care Circles and invite them to join.

  • To oversee the social activities of the congregation and ensure that they involve all age groups.



Administration ♦ Council ♦ Elders ♦ Worship and Faith ♦ Peace Project
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