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Rev. Lynette Dungan
Phone: 0432 381 219

Lynette Dungan
is the Uniting Church Minister at Warrandyte. Lynette's previous parishes were in Essendon and Glen Waverley. She is a certificated spiritual director and works in both the parish context and the wider ecumenical contexts. Lynette has engaged with the mission of peace with God, with others, and with the earth, which is an established mission of the Warrandyte Uniting Church congregation. She is married with 2 adult daughters, Charisma and Hannah. Her husband Rod is a chaplain at Brentwood Secondary College and a Director and trainer of ‘Thriving Youth Australia; promoting healthy communities and asset building for young people’. Lynette loves the area and the creatures who are dropping in to say hello in her home. In her spare time Lynette loves reading and has achieved a Masters of Theology entitled "Seeking Vision: Revelation in Contemporary Theology.

Lynette's Induction

Lynette was inducted as our minister at Warrandyte Uniting Church on Sunday October 19 2008 at 2.30 pm.  The church was filled to capacity by members of the congregation, representatives of the other Warrandyte churches and the Uniting Churches in the region, including Lynnette’s former church, the Glen Waverley Uniting Church.  Members of Yarra Yarra Presbytery, Geoffrey Grinton, Rev Gary Deverell, and Rev Peter Blackwood led the Induction Service.

One of the highlights of the service was a song about Peace by Lynette's daughter Hannah, accompanied by Celia Fairley, a member of the Warrandyte congregation.

Lynette's induction was followed by a warm welcome to Lynette and her family, husband Rod and daughter Hannah, over afternoon tea in the church hall.

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